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Milk & Cookies

Milk & Cookies Delivery Service in Princeton (603) 266-5437 :: :: :: Princeton folks need yummy, fresh-baked cookies and they need them now! They also need milk with their cookies, because, really, who doesn’t need milk with their cookies? And some folks are gluten free or vegan and they need cookies, too! Milk & […]

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Edwige Fils-Aime

The Little Chef Pastry Shop

The Little Chef Pastry Shop 8 South Tulane Street Princeton, NJ 08540 Phone: (609) 924-5335 ~ Locally Owned Independent Business ~ The Little Chef Pastry Shop is tucked away on Tulane Street in downtown Princeton.  The pastries and cakes are prepared by the proprietor, Edwige Fils-Aime, who is a trained pastry chef. The cakes, tarts, napoleons, […]

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